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Course Curriculum

Working with Microsoft Word Forms
Understanding Microsoft Word Forms 00:15:00
Introduction to the Word Developer Tab 00:15:00
Designing a Form 00:15:00
Working with Text Box Controls 00:15:00
Working with Radio Button Controls 00:15:00
Working with Combo Box Controls 00:15:00
Working with Check Box Controls 00:15:00
Creating Microsoft Word Templates
Understanding Word Templates 00:15:00
Creating a Word Template 00:15:00
Using a Word Template 00:15:00
Making Edits to the Template 00:15:00
Microsoft Word Document Protection
Understanding Document Protection 00:15:00
Protecting a Document from Edits 00:15:00
Protecting a Word Form Document 00:15:00
Microsoft Word Track Changes
Introduction to Word Track Changes 00:15:00
Enable Track Changes 00:15:00
Making Changes to a Document 00:15:00
Reviewing Changes 00:15:00
Turn off Track Changes 00:15:00
Building a Table of Contents with Style
Preparing a Document for a Table of Contents 00:15:00
Create the Table of Contents 00:15:00
Formatting a Table of Contents 00:15:00
Modify the Table of Contents 00:15:00
Adding Footnotes and Endnotes
Adding Footnotes to a Word Document 00:15:00
Adding Endnotes to a Word Document 00:15:00
Formatting Footnotes and Endnotes 00:15:00
Working with Citations
Adding Citation Sources 00:15:00
Inserting Document Citations 00:15:00
Creating the Bibliography 00:15:00
Changing the Style 00:15:00
Working with Captions and Cross-References
Managing Large Documents with Captions 00:15:00
Adding Word Captions 00:15:00
Inserting a Table of Figures 00:15:00
Adding Cross-Reference Document Objects 00:15:00
Creating a Word Document Index
What is a Word Document Index? 00:15:00
Marking Entries for the Index 00:15:00
Inserting the Index 00:15:00
Making Updates to the Index 00:15:00
BONUS! – Special Offers! 00:15:00

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